June 22, 2021

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Most of us are starting a blog to make money online from Google AdSense and related ad networks. If you are not getting AdSense approval or if you are a small blogger, you need to check out Wapp4Dollar. in this post, we are going to share the Wap4Dollar Review.

What Is Wap4Dollar?

Wap4Dollar is a mobile ad network which will help small bloggers to monetize their website or blog. You can’t expect high earning from the network. But, you will be able to make some bucks by properly converting the website traffic.

Wap4Dollar Ad Types

Typically they offer 3 kinds of ads.

  • Pop-Up Advertisements.
  • Direct Advertisements.
  • JavaScript Advertisements.

What Are Pop-Up Ads?

Like the name says, every website visitor will see a pop-up on the website while they click anywhere on the website. By using this ad type, you will be able to monetize 100% of your website traffic.

Most website visitors see this a bit annoying.

What Are Direct Ads?

These will act like link ads. You need to share this link on your website or blog. In our experience with Wap4Dollar, this is the best ad type to earn more money.

What Are JS Code Ads?

There are 2 type JavaScripts available. For adding them on your website, all you need is, simply copy the ad code, paste it just before the </body> section of your website.

  • Adult Ads.
  • Non-Adult Ads.

Adult Ads – Specially built for adult websites.

Non-Adult Ads – If your website is in a general category, you can paste this JS code in your website.

Payment Options

This time, they offer 4 payment methods.

  • Recharge BD – For recharging cell phones.
  • PayPal – Simply transfer the amount to your PayPal account. You just need $5 in your main account balance.
  • Bkash – Bkash is an online payment gateway for Indian users. For transferring fund from your Wap4Dollar account to Bkash, you need at least $2.
  • Moneybookers – You need at least $10. $1 will be taken as the processing fees.

Wap4Dollar Review

Like we said above, it’s one of the best mobile ad networks for beginners. While running AdSense or any other premium ads, you don’t need to try Wap4Dollar along with it.

If you are running an adult website, you can earn 4X from your website.

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