June 22, 2021

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Earn money by using Ringid from Bangladesh,India and other countries

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Download Ringid from here : Go to Google play store and search Ringid .Use referral code 15047111

Use this referral code and earn 20 take for joining bonus. If you use my referral id,I will help you for income by giving tips.

What is Ringid?

Ringid is a social media platform which provides facility like face book , twitter etc. It provides a big opportunity for earning money by watching advertise ,live show ,referral program.

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Details about Ringid

Ringid provides below facilities as a social platform.


You can chat with other people.

2. Sharing

You can share any picture, news and your feeling by Ringid

3.Fun page and group

You can share your product for increase your sell by fun page and group. You also share any news or funny things.

4. Live stream in Ringid

Here, if you go on live stream, all people can see you. Here, some gift option in livestream. You can earn here by collecting gift coin.

If you want to enjoy, you can see different celebrity in live here and chat with them.

5. Referral program

If anyone downloads Ringid from Play store and put your referral code. You and the person both receive 20 taka. You can use my referral code .Remember, If you does not use referral code, you does not get 20 taka

6.Watching ads

Here , other opportunity is by watching ads, you can earn. If you use wifi in your home , it is a great opportunity for earning. For, watching every video, you will get 10 coins and for checking hourly video , you will receive 50 coins

7.Voice call and video call

You can talk with other people by voice call and video call here.

How can I convert coin to taka?

You can sell coin in Ringid .Normally buy rate of ring id coin is 100 taka for 1000 coin. So you should sell the coin under the prize like 80 to 90 taka.

How can I withdraw money from Ringid?

You can directly withdraw money by your Bikash or Rocket account from Bangladesh. For other countries , here you get other payment option.

Tips for Ringid

1. You can only open one Ringid account from one mobile phone and one phone number

2. Watch more ads when you are in wifi zone.

3. Live stream option in a great opportunity for earning

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