June 22, 2021

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How to start CPM marketing with Propeller Ads

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CPM Marketing is the best earning Tricks and PROPELLER ADS is the best cpm network


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What is Impression?

When a visitor see the ad on website is called an Impression.

What is CPM?

CPM is a term for online marketing .It means cost per thousand impressions.

The Math behind CPMCPM = COST/(IMPRESSIONS/1,000)

Example—-If a CPM price is fixed $2,the advertiser will pay $2 per thousand of impression of their ads. But normally CPM rate varies due to visitors country .Advertiser gives a guideline to publisher about country based visitor cpm rate.

Simple math:If 20000 visitors visit your site on average and their total views are 40000.If CPM rate is $2. So.Your total per day = 40000/1000 x $2 = $80.


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Do you need any blog or Website for CPM marketing?

Yes, You need a blog or website for CPM marketing.

Why need blog/website for CPM marketing?

Because visitor comes to your site and also see advertisement and for the impression ,you get money.

How can I get more traffic in my site/blog?

Every webmaster asks this question.

My suggestion is that

1.Buy a domain and prepare site. For sub domain site, search engine gives less priority .

2.Post some unique article. If you does not write, then try to re-write article .

3. Create good back link for your site

4.Need proper seo

5.Create face book fun page and share your site in social media

6.Subject choose is a vital issue for website or blog. If you create an engineering book site,just think how many people are engineer. So you get very few visitors. If choose beauty tips subject ,many people visit your site because it is a common matter.

7.Index your all page in Google.

Which is the best CPM ad network?

Off course , google absence is best CPM ad site. Its payment also high. But the main problem is that ,for google absence approval you need to prepare a high quality site with many traffic .

You can start your CPM journey with Propeller Ads. Propeller Ads is now very popular network for many publishers .The network offers very good CPM rate for traffic

Propeller ads start their journey from 2012.Propeller ads provides different types of ad format which is helpful for publisher .Publisher can easily monetize their website by these tools

How can you open account on Propeller ads?

It is very simple free sign up process .You need to fill up a form including your email account.After sign up,you receive an activation email.When you click the activation link,your Propeller ads account is open.

How can I verify my blog/website on Propeller ads?

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When you add your website link in propeller ads. They provides a HTML code for you.Copy this HTML code and go to your website. Enter theme option and open your website HTML code.

Search this option and paste the code after option.

Then again go to Propeller account and press verification button. Congratulation , your site is now verified.

Is propeller ads accept types of site?Propeller ads do not accept adult contain site.How many traffic need to sent per day to Propeller ads?

No minimum qty.But manually check and review website

How can PropellerAds Monetize website or application?

Propellerads shows similar product advertise with your site .Propeller ads provides different format for desktop and mobile viewers. They also provide ads for software, games .

Want to know about different types of Propeller Ads advertise format? 

Propeller Ads provides different types of advertise.

Onclick pop-under ads

It this process ,when a visitor visit publisher site ,at that time advertise page open on a new tap .In this process revenue will be higher than traditional display ads .

Seo friendly Native Subscriptions

In this process, When a visitor visit publisher site, at that time a notification massage come and two option(Allow or deny).If any visitor allow, he only shows ads.


Interstitials ads are very helpful .In this process, when a visitor visit publisher site, one separate advertise screen coming. Visitor can close advertise by clicking cross mark.

Direct Ads

In this process, a direct link is provide to publisher. Publisher can use it by creating own banner ads,text link ads, button or redirects

Vedio Ads

Propeller Ads also provides different types of vedio ads.It is a good way to monetize the vedio content.

Classic banners

Propeller Ads also provide different types and sizes classic banners

Can I get any support from Propeller Ads? 

Yes, You can live chat with Propeller ads support team if you face any problem

I want to know about Referral Program of Propeller Ads? 

Yes, Propeller ads provide referral facility .You can earn by this program.

I Want to know Propeller Ads Payment method? 

Propeller Ads offer different types of payment method for publisher. They sent money by : PayPal, Bank Wire, Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard ®, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, ePayments, EPESE and Webmoney
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