June 22, 2021

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followfast review : fb page auto like 100% working

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This site allows you to earn points by liking facebook pages or following someone or watching youtube videos and many other winning methods
you can earn $ 1 a day
you will get :
20 Photo to like perday 49 point / per Photo
40 facebook page to like 49 point /per page liked
30 people to follow on Facebook per day 49 point /per persson folowed
50 youtube videos to like and dislike per day 49 points / per videos
30 videos to watch per day 49 points / per videos
15 youtube channel to subscribe 49 point / subscription
you can also have likes on your facebook page or youtube channel
Payout 1.5 $
Members count between 100 000 and 1 000 000
Average referral rate 10%
Payment solutions 0
Language english
Monitored since 914 days
Payments reported on NBR    31,97 $
Accepted countries All


Follow, Like and Surf

Login Daily, Do 15 likes/hits, Get 100 Daily Points
Every hour, Do 3 Hits/Likes only to win extra 25 Points!

Referral FollowFast

You will earn 10% of All Your Referrals!

If any of your referrals collect points (by Facebook, YouTube,…etc) You will earn 10% of his points!

Website Traffic is NOT included in this 10% referral system. (All Social Media Systems are included)


You will get 100 Points for Each Active Referral. (+10 points to join, +100 bonus points for 100 hits).


More referrals = More Points Everyday!

Minimum Payout FollowFast

Minimum Payout System :
You can request a payout payment when you have:
$1.5 for PayPal.
$1.5 for Payza.
$1.5 for OKPay.
0.002 BTC for Bitcoin

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